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Today we continued our touring of Glacier National Park by visiting the Many Glacier area of the park. There are a lot of hiking trails in this area, with several trails offering very limited elevation change, and the views are amazing. This area is also one of the places in the park where you can enjoy horseback trail riding.

Sherry and the kids opted for the horseback ride. The crew at the corral did an excellent job offering instruction and making sure they would have a safe adventure. Their trusty steeds, Gus, Jazz and Gilligan were up to the job. The two hour ride ended up being a little longer and Sherry said the views were stunning. Unfortunately, you can’t take a camera on the trail – something about not wanting someone to get yanked off of their horse by a camera strap caught on a tree. It was probably for the best.

Since I’ve never had much luck with the horses, and they didn’t offer Clydesdales so there wasn’t really an animal prepared for a man of my carriage, I opted to hike instead. I made the loop around Swiftwater Lake and added a quick detour to take in some of the north side of Lake Josephine. Altogether, it was about 5 miles of relatively flat hiking and a great time.

Here are today’s best pictures, enjoy!

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