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Today we slept in a bit at our Cody hotel, the Best Western Sunset Inn.  We had a nice breakfast in the hotel lobby before we headed to the famous Irma Hotel.  This was a luxury hotel Buffalo Bill had built in town.  We picked up our trolley tickets here.  We took the Cody Trolley and learned about the history of the town and of Buffalo Bill.  It was a very interesting tour and fun too!  Then we explored the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.  It had 5 sections – all of which were well done.

From there we drove to Grand Teton National Park. We did have to drive through the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park a exited via the south entrance. We saw some nice scenery there but kept driving as we’ll be back later in our trip.  We got to Jackson and checked into our hotel – the Antler Inn.  The location is perfect as we could walk to the town square for pictures, shopping and dinner.  We ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant called the Merry Piglets!  After dinner Jeremy took the kids to the resorts 25-person hot tub while I packed what we needed for tomorrow’s scenic float/white water rafting trip!  Here are a couple pictures!

our hotel – The Antler Inn

Josh and Haley under the Antler Arch in the town square

a stagecoach in the main square

downtown Jackson

our room at the Antler Inn – too hot for the fireplace

lovely views in Yellowstone

my view as we passed him

we had a buffalo trafffic jam

scenery between Cody and Yellowstone

te pee in the Native American section

sragecoach in the Buffalo Bill area

Buffalo Bill Reservior

Josh and Haley outside the Irma Hotel