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Day 7 – today we woke up early as we were enjoying a 8 mile float trip / 8 mile white water rapids combo trip with Sands Whitewater Rafting Company. We weren’t sure how the kids would like this – but they had a blast!  It started off chilly due to the early morning hours and very overcast due to the fire in Gilette Canyon – but as we floated it warmed up and cleared off.  Then we drove the inner and outer loop on Teton NP.  Jeremy found a dirt road that followed the Snake River so we drove that too!  We saw a black bear, a moose, some bald eagles and a heard of elk today!  Here are some pics of our day!

sunset near Moose entrance

sun setting over the Tetons

Snake River

young mule deer

Jenny Lake

another view of Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake

the Tetons

the view from our raft during the float – no cameras on the whitewater part!

on the raft on the Snake River